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Pascal Sanchez Martin, PMO Consultant, Engineering Manager, Motivator

Pascal, a German founder, brings to the table 17 years of international experience in engineering and project management. His journey commenced with professional training as an engineering draftsman in 2007. From there, he embarked on his initial professional role as a design engineer at two German firms (2007-2012). Concurrently, he pursued his mechanical engineering degree through night college, successfully completing it in 2012. His path then led him overseas, where he dedicated nearly 9 years to a Swiss engineering company in Zurich. Here, he ascended to the position of Head of Engineering Department, skillfully cultivating high-performing engineering teams within the machinery and plant engineering sector. Alongside this tenure, Pascal embraced a unique opportunity, serving as an expat for 2 years (2016-2017) at the outsourced office in Romania. In this capacity, he spearheaded branch expansion, process optimization, workflow enhancement, and the establishment of rigorous quality standards.

Seeking to seamlessly blend his technical educational foundation with his adept management prowess, Pascal opted to further his credentials with an MBA from the FIA Business School in São Paulo in 2021. In response to the post-pandemic landscape, marked by enhanced flexibility in working conditions, he founded PS Solutions in 2022. The company's mission: to deliver premium engineering and consulting services from Brazil to Europe.

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The new post-Covid world enables flexible remote working to gain a whole new level of acceptance. We see ourselves in the role of supporting the increasing trend towards global outsourcing in the engineering sector, with the aim of offering customers in high-cost countries a cost-effective engineering and consulting service in order to remain attractive in the market and on the other hand high-skilled Brazilian (or from other emerging market countries) to offer the opportunity to develop further in demanding international customer environment.


We believe in the success of a modern work culture, which according to our definition prioritizes the following keywords:

Flexibility. Openness. Transparency.
Meaningfulness. Trust. Honesty.
Support. Sustainability. Flat hierarchies.

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